Our school is proudly affiliated with the beautiful St Lucia’s Church, which has been a place of worship in Upton Magna for over a thousand years! In 2021, outstanding restoration work was completed on the impressive Grade II listed building, and the Church is now open for visits, as well as regular services and gatherings.

Church dedication to St Lucia (St Lucy) is rare, but with both our Church and School bearing her name, we thought we’d make mention of her here. Lucia of Syracuse was a Christian martyr who died in 304 at approximately 21 years of age. It was believed that prior to her death, her eyes were gouged out, but upon her burial, they had been miraculously restored – which is why Lucy is the Patron Saint of those with eye illnesses. A stained glass window in the church depicts St Lucia, holding a plate with her eyes upon it!

St Lucy’s Day is observed on the 13th of December.

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