Enhancement Targets 2020-21

To support all children with their mental health and well-being
  • All children will re-establish positive relationships with their peers
  • All children will have the opportunity to be listened to and to share their feelings and concerns
  • Each class to implement the revised PSHE teaching and learning programme
  • School to become more familiar with the ELSA emotional literacy support programme through training and professional guidance (EP service)
Implement a Recovery Curriculum which assesses children’s learning, their progress following lockdown, identification of key gaps and the next steps required for catch up
  • Each class to implement the revised White Rose Recovery teaching and learning programmes
  • Each class to continue with the Write Stuff strategies following additional training/updates to support children’s writing
  • Staff to continue revising the curriculum to ensure it is broad and balanced within medium and longer term planning.
  • Use research  linked to subject associations where possible to support plans and learning
  • Implement manageable pupil assessments for each national curriculum area
  • Access relevant available training and CPD to further enhance skills and knowledge
  • Access additional support through school/national tutoring programme to deliver specific catch up programmes
  • Subject leads to monitor implementation of new programmes and subject learning
  • Governors to be involved in development/progression of national curriculum subjects
Establish effective home learning for all pupils
  • Use elements of the revised teaching and learning programmes to support home learning (White Rose, CGP, Reading and Writing)
  • Establish direct email links via the school website for each class in the event of a local lockdown and continue with phone calls as before
  • Record/deliver lessons to pupils in the event of local lockdown
  • Establish more interactive home learning including marking and feedback  from teachers and staff to support children’s learning at home with continuity as far as is possible