Evaluation of the PE and Sports Grant 2019-20 at St Lucia’s CE Primary School

From 2013, the government provided additional funding for schools which still continues. During 2019-20, further increase has been seen to this ring fenced funding to improve the provision of physical education (PE), sport and healthy living for children in primary schools. This joint funding comes from the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

Schools must spend the additional funding to improve their PE and Sports provision, but have also been given the freedom to choose how they do this. At St Lucia’s School, we believe in offering our children a wide range of high quality sports, PE and experiences to support healthy living.

Between 2019-20 St Lucia’s CE Primary School used their £16,850 sports premium money to:

  • Provide pupils with regular, high quality coaching through the Belvidere Sports Partnership. This included opportunities to learn sports and build on previous skills and knowledge in the areas of football, X country, tag rugby, orienteering and cricket.
  • The impact of this specialist teaching resulted in an increased number of children taking part in more intra competitive sports this year due to the restrictions of the pandemic.
  • A variety of different lunchtime sports clubs have been provided to offer new sporting experiences to pupils in response to pupils’ views through the voice of the school council.
  • Opportunities for staff CDP have been more limited due to the impact of Covid, but signposting and remote contact has remained with local sports clubs wherever possible. Including The Shrewsbury Club for tennis, The Quarry Pool and the Shrewsbury Village for football and Alscott Cricket Club.
  • Children have been well supported through opportunities to access appropriate, high quality sports equipment during P.E. lessons and as part of the lunchtime activities following purchase of new sports resources and the school continued to be open to key worker and vulnerable children throughout lockdown.
  • Investment has continued where possible through Play Leader training. The impact of this led before lockdown was regular lunchtime clubs run by these leaders across both key stages and the delivery of the ‘Change 4 Life’ programme.
  • A series of tennis and archery workshops were arranged for all children to encourage the development of new skills and knowledge by participating in new sporting activities and experiences.
  • Pupils in key stage 2 received high quality swimming lessons. The impact of this opportunity resulted in very positive outcomes, including an increased number of children who achieved the 25metres + swim standard by end of Year 6.
  • Following previous staff training, the continuation of the Cool Kids co-ordination sessions showed individual development in children’s gross and fine motor skills.
  • A wide selection of playground equipment is well used by pupils on a regular basis following partnership work with the Parish Council and local building project. This has been established within the school grounds for the local community to benefit from out of school hours.

What has been the impact following the use of this funding?

  1. The school has been able to offer a wider range of new PE and sports sessions for pupils to experience different sporting opportunities and to further develop new sporting skills throughout the year.
  2. An increased number of pupils have taken part in both intra and inter-school competitions through extended local partnership sports links.
  3. Pupil’s leadership skills have created additional sports and exercise activities for younger children to experience during the lunchtime period.
  4. The purchase of additional high quality PE sports equipment (balls, rackets and nets) has led to more children developing improving sports skills, stamina and exercise on a regular basis.
  5. All pupils have experienced an intra-sports events through house teams. These experiences included archery, cross country and athletics this year.
  6. Confidence of less able swimmers through access to good quality targeted swimming lessons has developed. The impact of this has shown a higher number of children meeting the end of Year 6 swimming expectations this year. More able swimmers have also been signposted to wider area opportunities to further develop their swimming skills at both a local and regional level.
  7. All children continue to regularly participate in at least two hours of PE and exercise each week. The Fitness Fridays, daily exercises and wide range of lunchtime activities helped children to develop healthy lifestyles.
  8. Children have been made more awareness of the importance of keeping fit and healthy. This has resulted in enthusiasm for individual challenge and increased stamina through the regular and intra school activities.
  9. Lunchtime staff and Play Leaders continued their support by encouraging children to take part in games and sports through the lunchtime activities led for them.
  10. Children have developed and enhanced sports skills through newly purchased equipment. All children have received high quality PE during their regular lessons as well as exercise and lunchtime activities.
  11. The Cool Kids programme has improved children’s coordination skills following previous staff CPD.
  12. A reading programme was arranged through partnership work with Shrewsbury Football Club to deliver ‘Read the Game’ to Year 5 and 6 pupils to engage their writing skills with a PE and sports focus.
  13. A series of mental health workshops has been accessed. The impact of these supported all children’s emotional health and well-being.
  14. There has been an increase in the participation of pupils within a range of competitive and regular sports. Pupils have taken part in local competitions through the sports partnership and Sainsbury’s School Games involvement. As a result, the school secured the Sainsbury’s Bronze Award during 2018-19.

Planning for the Use of Sports Funding 2020-21

Next Steps

For 2020-21 the school has received £16,870 for the academic year which will provide all pupils with the opportunities  to develop P.E., sport, exercise, healthy lifestyles and individual health and well-being.

We plan to continue developing the following opportunities through sport:

  • Continue to provide a range of intra school activities including, the Walking Mile, the Shrewsbury Half Marathon, Fitness Fridays and encouragement of children to set their own personal goals to provide them with a sense of achievement within the class bubbles.
  • Continue to develop staff knowledge and experience of PE, sports, exercise and Mindfulness, remotely where appropriate.
  • Continue to provide release time for teachers and teaching assistants to observe children during sports sessions as part of assessment to monitor pupil progress in PE and sports.
  • Continue to be involved in the local sports partnership with Belvidere, to receive coaching and prepare children to take part in a range of increased sports events with other local schools through the year.
  • Continue to take part in the Shrewsbury Football League events when the Covid restrictions allow.
  • Continue to keep standards high in preparation for the renewal of the annual Sainsbury’s School Games Award in 2021.
  • Continue to seek sports workshop opportunities for all children as a way of introducing new skills as part of a whole school Sports Week.
  • Use the local environment as much as possible for walking, cross country and orienteering opportunities. Explore any additional Forest School opportunities which could be arranged at Attingham Park and Haughmond Hill.
  • Prepare a second group of Play Leaders to deliver the Change 4 Life programme and other lunchtimes clubs to encourage all children to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Continue to use activities to support children’s mental health and well-being including Yoga and Mindfulness.
  • Arrange for the playground to be re-marked to provide sports opportunities to the Key Stage 2 classes/bubbles and encourage more physical movement and play for the Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes/bubbles. Continue to explore the opportunity of an all-weather track to promote walking, running and cross country to benefit to the whole school community.

September 2020 (Reviewed April 2021)