Some very poignant discussions and work happening in Class 4, based on global current affairs and humanitarian crises.

Well done Class 4 – a difficult and very mature topic to have to tackle. We are proud of your efforts and empathy!

Art & Design

Class 4 have been working on some outstanding Art and Design projects on their theme of Castles.

First we spent time creating the scenic backgrounds for our castles, using a combination of watercolour and pencil effects. Then we set about creating detailed drawings of our own castle designs on brown sugar-paper, which we placed on top of the watercolour background to create a collage effect. 

These are a sample of our finished pictures, with a close-up of the detailed castles below!


Class 4 has been responsible for preparing and leading some of the Monday whole-school Assemblies during the half-term.

Working in small groups, we have covered topics from our school Christian Values such as Respect for Others, Resilience and Relationships.
It has been quite a responsibility and given us the chance to work on our powerpoint and multimedia presentation skills, as well as our public speaking; all while giving careful thought to these important topics.