Sunrise and Sunset club are offered at school everyday starting from 7:45am and lasting until 5:45pm. All clubs are available to book online using the SchoolMoney app. Sunrise club is £5.50 for arrival from 7:45-8:45am with breakfast of cereal or toast included. Sunset club consists of a themed club for the first hour until 4:15, at £3.50 per child, then wraparound care until 5:15 at £7 per child including a drink and a biscuit, ending with extended wraparound care until 5:45 at £9 per child.


We are delighted to be able to offer the children a wide range of clubs to help them to develop new skills and explore new interests. Our themed clubs rotate on a half-termly basis, ensuring each block of clubs includes a sport, something creative, something outdoors (weather permitting!) and always a chance to learn a new skill. Examples of clubs we have offered are Archery, Cooking, Musical Theatre, Basketball, French, Mindfulness and more! The children have been given the opportunity to perform a play learnt at Drama club in the Harvest service, have earnt certificates in Archery club, have learnt and performed their Choir in many Christmas services and have improved their fitness skills with Yoga, Eastern fusion dance and Multisport! Since the beginning of term in September, we have offered over 20 different themed afterschool clubs with more exciting opportunities to come. We have seen a greatly positive uptake to these new clubs, with over 75% of pupils attending at least one themed session.


Places can be booked using childcare vouchers or government funding, by reserving the session on the app and informing the school office. Additionally, for children in receipt of a pupil premium grant, places can be reserved using this funding by speaking to Miss Coleman or the school office.