Class 3 have received their certificates for the participation in this year’s Big Birdwatch – well done Class 3!

There are so many more birds in our gardens now that Spring has arrived. It’s been lovely to keep a watchful eye on them after learning more about them with this RSPB initiative.


SCIENCE: Digestion

Class 3 have had a fantastically graphic science learning experience – all about digestion!

Just look at the fun while learning all about this vital process – these look like lessons that will not be soon forgotten!

Class 3 Dentistry Practice!

We have been busy learning all about teeth in class 3 recently!

Such fun to be comparing diagrams, our own teeth (with the use of mirrors) and each other’s teeth! Always good to ‘brush up’ on our knowledge and skills for optimal dental care!

French Food Tasting

Class 3 had an exciting gastronomical experience when they got to try out some classic French cuisine as part of their French classes.

DIY Bird Feeders

In the chilly pre-Spring days, our lovely Class 3’s made bird feeders to place around the school to keep the birds fed during these late Winter days.

What a great job everyone – judging by how quickly those bird feeders got gobbled up, we had some really hungry birds around!