St Lucia’s School has a rich history in the village of Upton Magna, dating back many generations. We are told that the original old school became “miserable, inconvenient and uncomfortable”, so the esteemed Reverend G.W Pigott worked hard to raise funds from his wealthy friends and supporters, to design and build a new school in the village. This new school was to be built on a piece of land opposite the rectory, donated by D.R Corbett Esq. It was designed by Mr S Pountney and built by Mr Thomas of Shrewsbury, and was said to be “chaste and appropriate and executed in a very excellent manner”!

This wonderful new school, which cost over £600 to build, was opened on the 6th of October 1858.

The school included the schoolmaster’s house, a laundry and single 40-foot classroom. The school also had two separate entrances for boys and girls, which was considered proper at that time. You can still see this school building in our village, but now it is called “Old School” – have you seen where it is?

Over 100years later (116, to be exact) a modern, new school building was opened in Upton Magna and the village school transferred to what is now St Lucia’s C of E Primary School and Nursery. In 1974, our school buildings were opened and later more classrooms were added to allow for the number of children attending the school.