Our children enjoy the benefit of a wonderful outdoor space at St Lucia’s, with the added advantage of our very own Forest School. Learners are given the opportunity to experience practical, hands-on learning in a safe and stimulating environment.

In recent years we have begun to better understand the benefits of exposing our children to the opportunities of outdoor learning experiences and St Lucia’s appreciates the value that this outdoor environment adds to the holistic education of these children.

The following are just a few of the many benefits that have been proven by multiple studies, of learning in a Forest School environment:

  • Physical strength and stamina are developed, along with muscle coordination and motor skills; and healthier lifestyle experiences and choices are encouraged through the lessons, discussions and experiences;
  • Communication is strengthened and developed as children learn to communicate with each other in a new environment with diverse situations and communication opportunities;
  • Children are encouraged and motivated to attempt new tasks in a non-academic setting, often allowing children an opportunity to shine, where they might not otherwise have had the confidence;
  • Forest School offers a variety of individual and team activities, encouraging children to forge relationships of cooperation, as well as stronger individual effort and concentration on personal tasks;
  • The fun and relaxed environment of Forest School allows the children a complete change from their classroom; often develops confidence and gives a valuable opportunity to learn more about their natural surroundings;
  • Making use of our outdoor learning environment in a variety of weather conditions also allows for real experiential learning and develops resilience and a positive attitude to the conditions we find ourselves in.