Eco-Schools Green Flag Award Achieved!

A huge congratulations to our Eco-Committee. St Lucia’s have been awarded the Green Flag Award, recognising all of the hard work and positive impact of our fantastic Eco-Committee. We received some great feedback:

‘Thank you so much for submitting such a terrific application. We have loved reading about your journey and are incredibly impressed by all you have achieved. We have no hesitation in awarding you an Eco-Schools Green Flag, congratulations!’

Thank you to Mrs Brennan, Jacqui and Mr Wilmore for the time and care across the year to enable us to have such a successful Eco-Committee. We look forward to further Eco Endeavours this year as the committee grows.

Our 2023-2024 Eco-Committee


‘We are really thankful for the raised beds. They will help us to keep our Eco Green Flag Status. We are thinking of planting acorns, conkers plants, bulbs and wild flowers. The tree seeds will help us to investigate life cycles too. We are very much looking forward to using our new raised beds. Thank you so much from us all at St. Lucia’s C.E. Primary School and Nursery


From the Eco committee -George L, Jessica, George N, Alice, Harrison, Zara and Pacey

St Lucia’s has recently embarked on the Eco-Schools challenge: “Empowering Children and Teens to Change our Environment”. Eco-Schools is a charity that is “passionate about engaging young people in environmental education and action.” This is done through a “seven-step framework that guides, empowers and motivates pupils to drive change and improve environmental awareness in their school, local community and beyond.”

After completing the seven-step process, schools can then apply for Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation, which recognises, rewards and celebrates the environmental achievements of young people.

Eco-Schools was founded in 1994, operates in 70 countries and engages 19.5 million young people globally. This makes Eco-Schools the largest educational programme on the planet!


A group of young people who, with the support of an Eco Coordinator, are responsible for running the Eco-Schools programme in your school community

Environmental Review

A set of fact-finding questions linked to our 10 Eco-Schools topics that have been designed to help your Eco-Committee understand what environmental work your school is already doing, whilst inspiring further youth-led eco-actions.

Action Plan

A working document to help your Eco-Committee plan and manage actions for 3 Eco-Schools Topics of their choice, which they will work on during the school year.

Curriculum Links

Including environmental education in a variety of different curriculum areas educating a variety of year groups during the school year.

Informing and Involving

Engaging the entire school and its wider community in eco-projects and actions for the 3 Eco-Schools topics chosen in Step 3: Action Plan.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Assessing the impact of the topic work in your action plan, addressing what worked well, what needed adapting and how your Eco-Committee could develop their eco-actions in the future.


A whole school promise to protect the planet that reflects the topic work your Eco-Committee have completed in their Action Plan during the school year.

Look out for our Eco-Schools updates and initiatives!

We value your support and encouragement as we endeavour to “Change our Environment” for the better!