This week in class 1 we have been reading the story ‘After the Storm’. It is a Percy the Park Keeper adventure about how a blustery storm blows over a big tree where a lot of Percy’s animal friends live. They have to find a new tree to make their home so we thought we could make a ‘tree house’ for our classroom display where our small animal characters could live.
First we looked at the colours of tree trunks and found out that we needed 3 different colours to mix together to create different shades of brown. We then painted this onto long strips of paper. Next we looked carefully at the texture and patterns on bark and did some bark rubbings at ‘forest school’. We also found some images on the computer and then used crayons; chalks and pencils to draw the texture of bark onto the now strips of brown paper. We created lovely textured collages to use to make our autumn tree.
We worked really carefully in teams to create our tree, come and have a look, we’ve started to add some colourful autumn leaves.