This week in Class 1 we have been learning all about bread. We tasted different types of bread; ciabatta, pitta, baguette, bagels, brown bread etc from different countries around the world. We looked closely at them, smelt them and then decided which ones we liked they best.

We then had a go at designing the different types of bread using play dough. We looked at the pictures and used the different tools to shape and mould the play dough.

We then found a recipe to make some bread, collected all the equipment and ingredients we would need.
We had to measure out the ingredients, sift the flour, yeast and salt , pour the water and oil and then mix and knead the dough.

We then looked carefully at our pictures of our own bread designs and shaped the dough to create our own bread. We rolled it, squeezed it, poked it to mould the dough into shape.