Design & Technology

Class 3 have been busy with some clever crafting in Design & Technology, creating bendy bags as part of their textile project.

Such lovely creative designs and detailed stitching skills on display – We are very proud of our finished products!

Well done Class 3!

Solids, Liquids and Gases

This term Class 3 has been investigating the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

They have been involved in some really fun activities, such as making chocolate crispy cakes, exploring currants in lemonade, investigating the properties of sand and rice with magnifying glasses and looking at the same volume of water in different shaped containers.

Some fantastic practical experiences to consolidate learning!

KS2 visit to Wroxeter

Class 3 & 4 had a wonderful opportunity to visit Wroxeter Roman City, a trip that ties in well with their class topic of “Why did the Romans invade Britain?” and has given them greater insight into this.

The children were able to explore the site, investigate artefacts from the museum collection and complete some interesting activities, before returning to the classroom, where they continue to build on their newfound knowledge of the Romans.

Electricity – exciting experiments!

Class 3 had a very interesting Science day, learning all about electricity.

Another wonderful, hands-on learning experience in Class 3 where the children were able to use various electrical components to create functioning electrical circuits, complete with switches, lightbulbs and buzzers!

Some very good knowledge about “conductors and insulators” was also reinforced in this practical lesson, as well as the aspects and importance of electrical safety!

Exploring Seasonality

Class 3 made the most of the beautiful rural environment that St Lucia’s is placed in and went out on a fascinating Nature Walk to identify and chart the different wild flowers and plants that could be found.

Using a clever identification gadget (provided by a clever Teacher) the children were able to explore the outside areas and identify a wide variety of plants and flowers, while recording various detailed elements in their field study. Back in the classroom, the children used their field research to draw some beautiful scientific artwork!

Songs from the music service for the Queens’s Jubilee


These formed part of the special Platinum Jubilee Music Service in St Lucia’s church yesterday.


School Jubilee Song


When The Saints


Class 3 have received their certificates for the participation in this year’s Big Birdwatch – well done Class 3!

There are so many more birds in our gardens now that Spring has arrived. It’s been lovely to keep a watchful eye on them after learning more about them with this RSPB initiative.


SCIENCE: Digestion

Class 3 have had a fantastically graphic science learning experience – all about digestion!

Just look at the fun while learning all about this vital process – these look like lessons that will not be soon forgotten!

Class 3 Dentistry Practice!

We have been busy learning all about teeth in class 3 recently!

Such fun to be comparing diagrams, our own teeth (with the use of mirrors) and each other’s teeth! Always good to ‘brush up’ on our knowledge and skills for optimal dental care!

French Food Tasting

Class 3 had an exciting gastronomical experience when they got to try out some classic French cuisine as part of their French classes.

DIY Bird Feeders

In the chilly pre-Spring days, our lovely Class 3’s made bird feeders to place around the school to keep the birds fed during these late Winter days.

What a great job everyone – judging by how quickly those bird feeders got gobbled up, we had some really hungry birds around!

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check-Information for Parents