Textiles Project

Class 4 have been working really hard to complete their textiles project.

They have had to complete the design process first, followed by the careful learning of threading the needle and tying that tricky knot – all of which they did very well with!

With perseverance and patience, they have created these fantastic products.

Many chose to make their item for themselves, whilst others chose a different recipient.  Their finished products had a range of purposes, such as purses, bag decorations, pencil cases etc.

Very impressive skills Class 4!

Love2Stay Year 6 Leavers' Trip

These were a few of our favourite things…

I really liked doing the paddle boarding because I thought it would be really hard, but it was surprisingly easy! 

…the water because me and my friend were trying to steal someone else’s paddle board!

I enjoyed kayaking and paddle boarding because we got to jump in, cool off and had a lot of fun!

… jumping (or falling) into the lake and swimming was my favourite!

I enjoyed the Assault Course because I really liked the high ‘A’ frame – I went over it 4 times!

…paddle boarding – the controlling was a bit hard, but we soon got the hang of it… crashing into each other was also fun and then jumping off in all different styles! 

I’m really proud of the way I had to push myself to finish the assault course and I love the way my tie-dye t-shirt turned out! 

Mrs C. says: Year 6 Leavers had a great day out at Love2Stay! Mrs Broome and I enjoyed the day with them and know it will be a good memory for them all. It was lovely to see the mutual support between them and how they pulled together. We are proud of you all Year 6!  

Book Sharing – Class 1 and Class 4

Class 1 and Class 4 had a lovely opportunity to get together and share books, stories and some reading time together as this very fun and busy week draws to a close.

Some very poignant discussions and work happening in Class 4, based on global current affairs and humanitarian crises.

Well done Class 4 – a difficult and very mature topic to have to tackle. We are proud of your efforts and empathy!

Art & Design

Class 4 have been working on some outstanding Art and Design projects on their theme of Castles.

First we spent time creating the scenic backgrounds for our castles, using a combination of watercolour and pencil effects. Then we set about creating detailed drawings of our own castle designs on brown sugar-paper, which we placed on top of the watercolour background to create a collage effect. 

These are a sample of our finished pictures, with a close-up of the detailed castles below!


Class 4 has been responsible for preparing and leading some of the Monday whole-school Assemblies during the half-term.

Working in small groups, we have covered topics from our school Christian Values such as Respect for Others, Resilience and Relationships.
It has been quite a responsibility and given us the chance to work on our powerpoint and multimedia presentation skills, as well as our public speaking; all while giving careful thought to these important topics.

Songs from the music service for the Queen’s Jubilee


These formed part of the special Platinum Jubilee Music Service in St Lucia’s church yesterday.


School Jubilee Song


When The Saints

Reading the Game

Class 4 are taking part in Reading the Game this half term. This project is part of Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s work in the community.
The ‘football’ element encourages perseverance and resilience to master tricks such as ‘around the world’ or ‘rainbow flicks’.  There is also an emphasis on mutual respect, support and teamwork, whilst playing matches.
The ‘English’ element focusses on key skills for  reading:  comprehension strategies are explored, and there is an emphasis on reading for enjoyment.  Coach Neil makes time to share a book with individual pupils and listen to them reading aloud.
There are also opportunities to write in a variety of styles, promoting self confidence and enabling all children to achieve success with their independent writing.
Coach Neil makes it clear that all children can be successful and achieve in both elements of this project.  Both football and English can be enjoyed and skills improved, regardless of gender.