Friday 11th February 2022

Bikeability – KS1 

Before we closed up for the Christmas holidays, KS1 had the opportunity to complete the Bikeability training.

Just take a look at our little bikers!


Class 2 Student Council Commendation

Class 2 has earned a Student Council Class Commendation for their “Outstanding commitment & support to the Harvest Festival Appeal”.

Very well done Class 2!

Class 2 had some interesting artistic lessons in creating their Harvest boxes. They explored the technique of “rubbing” to make different textures and patterns on the paper. They also used a lolly stick to print the fields of corn and the tractor wheels. They finished off by considering all the colours of a rainbow!

Do you recognise your artwork here?

We think you did a GREAT job!


Class 4 – EMBRACE P.E.

The children of Class 4 were put through their paces again this week in another fun and energetic PE session with Mr McFail!

Alex was “Player of the Week” on the 1st of February, while Oscar scored the title this week!

Hopefully all this great exercise will help prepare us for the upcoming marathon!


Children in Need

Our non-uniform day and cake sale for the Children in Need raised over £200!

Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm!


St Lucia’s Vision & Values

As you would have seen, we have updated our School’s Vision and Values to reflect all the things that our greater school community has agreed are important for our children and the school’s endeavours.

Class 2 have been discussing these, as well as giving some thought to what our Logo means as part of this ongoing project.


The Wrekin Giant

Class 2 have turned out some amazing artwork of our beautiful Wrekin, linked to the story of The Wrekin Giant.

St Lucia’s will have to open an Art Gallery!


What a lovely way to end the week!