This week we have been weeding our raised beds and planting some seeds.
We looked carefully at the different seed packets and then looked closely at what was inside each one.
We found out that all the seeds we had were different and will determine what will grow. For example we realised that a sweetcorn seed was a dried up corneal of corn! Also the sunflower seeds are familiar seeds that some of us eat in our salads and soups.
Then we had to find out where and how to plant the seeds so they will grow well.

We learnt that for seeds to grow we need to find an open space where there is soil, light and warmth from the sun.

First we had to dig a hole with a trowel and carefully pop a seed in.

Next we had to cover it over with the soil and pat it down firmly.

Then we gave them some water and now we will have to wait!

– We are hoping it rains sometimes so we don’t have to water them every day.