Class 1 have been very busy learning all about constructing Space Rockets!

We have learnt about the different parts a rocket should have to blast off into space. We have also learnt about the properties of 3D shapes and which ones are best for building.

We then spent time selecting different containers to join together to build our own rockets (clever recycling & upcycling!) and finally we painted them and added any details we thought would make them look accurate.

There was a great deal of indoor and outdoor planning and investigation that went into this project, allowing us to better understand these 3D shapes and how they could work together to make the best rockets. Hands-on construction work in our specially demarcated “Construction Zone” outside (for the toughest of rocket engineers) as well as all the reading, drawing and trial-and-error 3D modelling happening in the classroom.

As you can see, the results were amazing and our display of rockets in our Earth and Space learning area were very impressive!